People are loving this New Zealand library’s creative meme-inspired poster

Central City Library in Auckland put up a Kermit the Frog meme poster and social media users adore the new decoration.

(Central City Library Auckland)
(Central City Library Auckland)

A library in New Zealand has received attention on Twitter for its creative meme-inspired poster display.

Central City Library in Auckland posted an evil Kermit the Frog meme up on its walls in July, gently roasting patrons’ inability to just stick to one book at a time.

Library-goer CW posted a photo of the display on Twitter, saying: “Walked into my local library and felt attacked.”

The tweet now has 13,000 likes, and plenty of other book-lovers agreeing with CW’s sentiment.

Chelsea Heap, senior library assistant and person responsible for the meme display, said: “We generally keep displays up for about a month depending on the engagement with it.

“This display is in our main entrance and I’ve noticed a lot of patrons taking photos of it, which has been really positive.

“It’s really cool to see people engaging with the library in this way and it challenges the perception that libraries aren’t relevant in our modern society. I thankfully haven’t had any negative reactions.”

The library has posted hilarious displays before, including a poster inspired by Kim Kardashian, a “Rory Gilmore reading list” display, and a “Kanye for President” display during the 2016 American general election.

Heap said: “Inspiration came to me at about 2am (like all good inspirations!) I had been trawling the internet looking at other library displays for ideas.

“I really wanted to do a display that people would connect with and I realised that people connect with memes in their daily life – they’ve become a standard way of expressing your feelings in a comical way via social media.

“I played around with the wording a bit and just decided to go for simple encouragement for our patrons to take out more books. Because you can never have too many books!”

(Central City Library Auckland)

The library is active on social media, using Twitter and Facebook to connect to its patrons.

Heap said: “I think we will definitely do another library meme display in the future since the reaction to this one has been so positive!

“We’re always trying to be innovative with our displays and events to keep like the library looking fresh and appeal to younger generations.”

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